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The following is a marketing illustration of potential and likely purchase costs for each Unit Type.  It is not a Truth in Lending disclosure. The Calculator provides a preliminary estimate based a various assumptions including some amounts that can be adjusted by potential buyers.   To use the Calculator, select a Unit Type from the menu in the first box, then enter any additional amounts of ernest money or cash from sources such as HPAP, EAHP or gifts, etc.  The Calculator will show an estimated monthly loan payment (paid to a Share Loan Lender) and operating assessment (paid to Co-op) for each Unit Type.  The suggested Income to Qualify amounts are not firm eligibility standards.



CO-OP LOAN Deferred Payment




1 Bedroom 1 Bath

$119,900 $23,980 $230 $1.000

1 Bedroom Deluxe

$159,900 $31,980 $329 $1,500

2 Bedroom 1 Bath

$169,900 $33,980 $329 $1600

2 Bedroom Deluxe

$209,900 $41,780 $392 $1900

2 Bedroom Jumbo

Sold Out Sold Out Sold Out Sold Out

3 Bedroom 2 Bath

Sold Out Sold Out Sold Out Sold Out

3 Bedroom Deluxe

$279,900 $55,980 $492 $2500

3 Bedroom Jumbo


3 Bedroom Jumbo Premium

$294,900 $58,980 $529 $2900


4 Bedroom 2 Bath



  1. Estimates are marketing information, they are examples only. Prices, Incentives and Loan Terms are subject to change without notice.
  2. Operating Assessments based on annual budget for expenses such as: Water, Sewer, Trash Removal, Management, Landscaping, Insurance, Common Area Maintenance, Reserves, CPA Tax Returns and Statements, and Real Estate Taxes
  3. Seller Incentives based on use of Eisen & Rome as settlement agent and providing a copy of appraisal report include: Paying for Legal settlement costs, Transfer Fee, First Year Home Warranty Sales in Stage 1A also include $900 credit for application and appraisal costs
  4. Model assumes the buyer will qualify for exemption from DC Recordation tax and submit Homestead Exemption application